Jamieson Website and App Concept
To help communicate a complex strategy to stakeholders on how Jamieson can engage users and increase brand loyalty, I worked with the digital team to create mock ups, logos and infographics, which resulted in a successful buy-in and increased budgets.


Structube Persona Example
Always willing to question the status quo, I wrote a persona in the first person instead of the standard third person, which achieved a stronger connection and understanding of the user. My role: copy and design.


Nando's "Encouraging Elevator" Ads
To drive traffic from nearby offices, I created three elevator ads to entice and entertain our captive audiences. Based on the premise that most employees don’t love their jobs, the “Encouraging Elevator” understands and persuades the viewers to duck out to Nando’s, because work can wait. My role: concept, copy, design and storyboard. Video production by Kris Steeves.


Employee Financial Well-Being Learning Modules
Role: design based on the branding I developed for Employee Financial Well-Being.


Jegysoft Website
My role: design and production for B2B logo, icons business cards and landing page.